Each training program begins with a complementary consultation. From there, a plan is formulated that is unique to you and your dog. This training plan will reflect all the components that are needed to reach your final goals in our One on One training. 


Behavioral Modification

If you are struggling with aggression, separation anxiety or any unwanted and repetitive behavior, we can build a means of modification. Shaping unwanted and unruly behavior into positive and controllable habits.

Puppy Training

SIT, STAY, OFF, LIE DOWN, COME. Foundational training for communicating with your puppy. Including Impulse control and redirection. 

Novelty Behaviors

Frisbee tricks, agility course training, fun retrieval skills, unique guest greetings, or any skill considered fun and extra curricular. You dream it, we train it.

Training Kids with their Dogs

Did you get your kids a pet with the expectation that they would be responsible? Empower your child with a command set and the confidence to control their dog!