Board and Train

Dog Training

Board and Train: Dog Training
Board and Train: Dog Training

Board and Train:

Two elements make a board and train program excellent.

  • Strong training of commands and behaviors desired by the client (Active training)
  • But most importantly, Immersion into a dog pack and household that functions with routine, rhythm, and high expectations of successful dog etiquette. (Passive Training)

Why Our Program Is Unique

Many facilities that offer this training will house your dog in a kennel setting. This, unfortunately, only allows that type of program to focus on command sets, or the "Active Training" portion. It ignores the most valuable part of what clients want and needs; clients need a dog that is well adjusted and behaves pleasantly within a household setting. This isn't learned in a kennel-based environment. It is taught through "Passing Training."

Passive Training

Our board and train program immediately socializes your dog with our resident pack inside the home. This can be referred to as the passive portion of the training.

Once your dog understands a schedule for eating, potty times, waking and sleeping times, expectations like not begging for food or incessant barking out the window, too rough of playing inside the home….

Next, we can quickly move into training those active commands every client needs. Such as SIT/STAY, OFF, Name Recall, PLACE, polite leash walking, etc.

This approach to training creates a well-rounded, manageable dog, which leads to an enjoyable experience for the owner.