Ten (10) Behaviors Of Expert Dog Trainers

Ten (10) Behaviors Of Expert Dog Trainers:

Ten (10) Behaviors Of Expert Dog Trainers
Ten (10) Behaviors Of Expert Dog Trainers

Think of a trainer you recognize as an expert. Now, think of the characteristics that inspire you to call that person an expert. Is it the person's knowledge, skills, charisma, confidence, reputation, or ... something else? This short article will highlight the most essential characteristics that expert animal trainers exhibit, from my perspective.

We all know great trainers in our lives, people we look up to, admire, and talk about favorably with others. But how does a person earn that reputation as a great trainer? And what separates a great trainer from an average trainer?

What does a trainer do to earn a reputation and the label of "Expert?"

  1. Commits to using the most positive, least intrusive training methods
  2. Empowers animals with control
  3. Constantly adjust what they do in response to what the animal does
  4. Builds trust based relationships
  5. Minimizes the use of Time Out
  6. Accepts responsibility for their animals' behavior
  7. Demonstrates flexibility
  8. Practices two-way communication
  9. Backs up every use of the bridge with a well-established reinforcer
  10. Demonstrates a commitment to the welfare

Expert trainers are more than reputation, charisma, and purveyors of training equipment and jargon. Expert trainers earn their titles through their actions.

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