Preventing Your Cat From Peeing On Your Bed And Clothes

Preventing Your Cat From Peeing On Your Bed And Clothes:

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Even though your cat can't speak to you, they can communicate. If your cat is peeing on bed, clothes and everywhere then your cat is trying to tell you something! Finding the actual problem will let you figure out the proper remedy.

If your cat is peeing on bed, clothes and everywhere then your cat is trying to tell you something!

Find you cat's irrespective urination

When your cat starts urine inside the home and peeing everywhere, we will not definitely like it and will look for the prompt solution. We should find the actual problem and look forward about it further.

Find the problem

You should find firstly that the pee doesn't belong is determine it may because of spraying or irrespective urination. They cats spraying because of making their area limit. And the irrespective urination will be a big puddle.

You should need to see the urination outside of the litter box fastly, before it changes as normal activity of your cat. If your cat is spraying continuously, then make sure whether the cat feels more comfortable in its area limit, that's what your cats goes sad in its mentality. If you have more than one cat, better you can give separate living areas and its area limit separately.

Clean the dirty

You must clean completely where you cat peed everywhere. And you must also confirm that cleared the bad smell not only for your comfort, it must be also for your cat to come again for those peed places.

Add extra litter box

You can add the extra litter box. And also you can keep in your mind ever that the rule is one litter box plus one litter box extra for a cat. That means make much comfort your cat to urine or peeing. Keep the litter box in a outside of the house, that too need to be in so far from dog eating area. Avoid dark places to keep the litter box. If you have a very big house you can keep many litter boxes in each floor and maximum places and clean it often.

Please be aware that when a cat pees outside their litter box it's a cry for help. First rule out a physical problem. I keep Diascreen test strips on hand to check the urine but keep in mind if the cat has crystals there might not be blood to show up on the test strip to raise your attention to the problem so bringing a sample to the Vet might be the better idea. If it's emotional, try to put yourself in their paws to figure it out. Be logical. I use Stress Stopper by which works well along with their Peacemaker kit especially if there's a new kitty introduced into the home. Simply put it in their water bowls twice a day or you can mist them as per the directions. makes another great product called Pet Calm which you can spray on their canned cat food twice a day. They key to all of those remedies is to be consistence. You will definitely notice a behavior change within a week or two. If the cat is aging like one of my elder cats it's a symptom of Alzheimer.

New introduction with new cats

Contacting with other cats also will make irrespective urination and inappropriate peeing. So you can avoid your cat getting contact with new street cats. For this type of things you can consult a reliable knowledgeable veterinary doctor often.

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