Board and Train for Dogs

An Overview

Board and Train for Dogs:

An Overview

Board and Train for Dogs An Overview
Board and Train for Dogs An Overview

Board and Train for Dogs: An Overview

  1. Duration: These programs can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the dog's specific needs and the training's goals.
  2. Environment: Depending on the trainer and their resources, dogs are boarded at a facility, which can range from a kennel-like setting to a more home-like environment.
  3. Intensive Training: The primary advantage of a board and train program is the intensive, consistent training the dog receives. With the dog living with the trainer, training can occur multiple times a day in various settings, ensuring the dog learns and practices new skills consistently.
  4. Types of Training: These programs can address various behavioral issues, from basic obedience and puppy manners to more complex problems like aggression or separation anxiety.
  5. Owner Involvement: While the dog is primarily with the trainer, owners are usually required to participate in some training sessions, especially toward the end of the program. This ensures the owner learns how to maintain and reinforce the training once the dog returns home.
  6. Follow-Up: Many board and train programs include follow-up sessions after the dog returns home. These sessions help address any issues as the dog transitions back to its regular environment.

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Pros and Cons


  • Consistency: The dog receives consistent training from a professional, which can be especially beneficial for addressing challenging behaviors.
  • Intensive: The immersive nature of the program can lead to faster results.
  • Convenience: Owners who may not have the time or expertise to train their dogs can benefit from having a professional handle the bulk of the training.


  • Cost: Board and train programs can be expensive due to the intensive nature of the training and the costs of boarding.
  • Separation: Some owners and dogs may struggle with being apart for an extended period.
  • Generalization: Dogs might behave differently in the training environment than at home. There's a risk that some behaviors might revert when they return to their usual environment, especially if owners don't maintain the training.

In conclusion, dog owners must research and choose a reputable trainer or facility, while board and train programs can be expensive, they are also highly effective. If you are looking for a respected trainer in the Portland, Oregon area, consider boarding your dog with Nicole Flowers, and remember it's also crucial for owners to stay involved and committed to maintaining the training once the dog returns home.

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