About Dog Behaviorist

About Dog Behaviorist:

About Dog Behaviorist
About Dog Behaviorist

Waving a magic wand won't produce a terrific dog. A well-behaved dog is a product of genetics, training, and loving home. If you are having issues with your dog's behavior, maybe you should consult with a dog behaviorist. Do you know what a dog behaviorist is? And did you know that there is a difference between a dog trainer and a dog behaviorist?

What Is Behavioral Therapy?

Behavioral therapy is a term used for therapy treating mental health disorders. Behavioral therapy aims to identify and change self-destructive or unhealthy actions.

If your dog's behavior puts him or others in danger, you would be a good candidate for behavioral therapy.

What is an Animal Behaviorist?

There are three primary roads to becoming an animal behaviorist:

  1. Academic: A Ph.D. or Master's specializing in animal behavior
  2. Medical: A veterinary specialty in behavior (a two-year program after receiving one's DVM)
  3. Professional Dog Trainer specializing in behavior modification.

Animal behaviorists can work in any number of settings with a variety of species.

Animal behaviorists work with animals that are managed or controlled by people, and their work enhances both animals' well-being and the human-animal relationship. Animal behaviorists might design an environmental enrichment program for Koalas at the zoo, help an owner manage and rehabilitate a fearful dog, consult with a family to decrease intra-cat aggression in a home, or design a study on stress in shelter rabbits. The possibilities are endless! In preparation for this work, animal behaviorists are trained to define, observe, quantify and, very often, change the behavior of our non-human friends.

What Is a Dog Behaviorist?

A dog behaviorist works to change or improve various behavior patterns in dogs. Pet owners often seek out a dog behaviorist or animal trainer to assess aggressive tendencies in their dogs. They may also need a dog behaviorist's help if their dog has been through abuse or trauma.

Job duties include:

  • Evaluating the animal's behavior
  • Training sessions
  • Recommending changes regarding how the owner handles the animal at home

Some dog behaviorists undergo formal training experience to become certified professionals, using various techniques to modify unwanted dog behavior over time.

Do I Need A Dog Behaviorist?

If you have a particular behavior or pattern of behavior that you want to change. Especially if your dog is suffering (for example, with separation anxiety) or is a danger to himself or others (for example, if they have aggressive dog behavior toward other dogs or humans).

Does Pet Insurance Cover Behavioral Therapy?

Some pet insurance providers offer coverage for behavioral therapy.

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